Cream of the Tropics “No Poo” Hair Cleanser

Is it a shampoo? No. Is it a Co-Wash? No. mVua’s Cream of the Tropics Moisture Rich Hair Cleanser effectively cleanses your hair without stripping your hair of important moisture and nutrients. It does so while leaving behind no buildup, as is sometimes the case when hair is co-washed, leaving a healthy cleansed hair base for the addition of products used to detangle and style the hair.

Soapwort Root is one of the Jewels of Nature that is used in our Cream of the Tropics “No Poo” Hair Cleanser. It is an herb that produces a mild lather that gently but effectively cleanses the hair and scalp. Coupled with the abilities of Rhassoul Clay to draw out impurities from the scalp while providing moisture to the hair and scalp, our Hair Cleanser leaves your hair feeling noticeably clean, scalp refreshed but well nourished. Reserve your items today using the link below. Re-Launch Pre-Sale going on now!

This is a low suds hair cleanser.


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This is a ✨✨PRE-SALE✨✨


Over the next two weeks we will continue to highlight the benefits to expect from our Re-Launch Featured Items. The link below takes you to our Product Selection Page. Select Skin Care or Hair Care and the Featured Items are there for your selection. Thank You for your support and HAPPY SHOPPING!


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Silk Protein…

You will find that Silk, in multiple forms, is a main ingredient used in a majority of mVua’s skin and hair care products. Silk is known for its amazing moisture binding quality which provides a protective barrier for the skin and hair, and also assists with repair. It is known to add luster and body to the hair and provides smoothing qualities, assisting in managing hair during cleansing, conditioning and styling. It just has that all around ability to make your skin and hair feel good!

More information will be provided regarding mVua’s Silk Milk Hair Care line. There will be items from this line featured and available for our Re-Launch. Information to be announced about our Re-Launch…TOMORROW 🎉🎉🎉

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French Green Clay…

French Green Clay

Our Silken Body Wash contains French Green Clay, another skin-loving jewel of nature. French Green Clay is known to be highly absorbent, assisting in its ability to draw out impurities from the skin. It is also known to assist in toning and exfoliation of the skin, reducing inflammation.

This mild clay provides an additional means for mVua’s Silken Body Wash to not only cleanse and soften the skin, but to also provide nourishment, due to its composition of minerals, such as, copper, magnesium and zinc. In TWO DAYS information will be provided on the availability of our Silken Body Wash.

Does Silken actually use silk as one of its ingredients? It sure does! Our next post will show what benefits are provided to the skin by this jewel of nature.

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Silken Body Wash

Silken Body Wash is an item that will be featured during mVua’s Re-Launch. Silken is a mild cleanser that goes beyond removing dirt from the skin. One of the many fine jewels of nature found in our Silken Body Wash is Dead Sea Salt.

Dead Sea Salt has been proven to assist with inflammation, containing many minerals that possess healing properties. Magnesium, known to promote quick healing of skin tissue, Sulfur, provides a natural disinfectant and Bromide, known to soothe skin and relax nerves, just to name a few. Dead Sea Salt is also known to assist in Anti-Aging of the skin.

This cleanser contains no sulfates and is full of healthful ingredients that not only cleanse and moisturize your skin, but it also nourishes the skin. Silken Body Wash will be a soothing treat for anyone suffering with dry skin or any form of irritation of the epidermis, also for individuals who simply want to keep their skin cleansed, soft and nourished. In Three Days, more information will be provided about the availability of Silken. More information will also be provided about the other gems to be found in our Silken Body Wash and the other items that will be featured during our Re-Launch.

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mVua will finally be making an announcement regarding our Re-Launch….IN THREE DAYS! It’s been a long time coming but we’re excited about our return! We have been relocated back to our hometown of Detroit, MI and can’t wait to share all the jewels of nature that mVua has to offer, which nourish both hair and skin. In the meantime, look forward to highlights of what items are to be featured initially, specifics about ingredients used and what benefits you can expect from our Handcrafted items. Stay Tuned!

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Refreshment can be defined as…the giving of fresh mental or physical strength or energy. A boost of creativity, ideas and abilities can ensue, rejuvenating new life into your brand.

mVua has a new location which will provide the means for growth and the continued production of Unique, Handcrafted…Natural Skin and Hair Care Products, formulations crafted to provide Moisture that can only be found using many nutrient rich Jewels of Nature. Stay Tuned for more to come.

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Rose H2O…

Rosewater has many beneficial properties that assist in nourishing and hydrating healthy skin.  In addition to helping to maintain proper PH balance for the skin, it also assists in controling excess oil.  Rosewater has antibacterial properties that assist in soothing inflammatory skin issues, and also the healing of scars as it helps to regenerate skin cells.

Rosewater is known to assist in treating aging skin by deterring lines and wrinkles due to its moisturizing properties.  Used as a toner Rosewater has been shown to tighten capillaries.  

Rosewater is a gentle jewel of nature that soothes and enhances the beauty of skin. mVua’s Facial Skin Care line will include this mild, skin loving, natural gem as one of its main components.  Check back soon on our Product page for availability. 

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Mud On Your Face…

Dead Sea Mud, an amazing jewel of nature.  It is known to provide superb nourishment to the skin.  It has a high content of minerals such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium.  The minerals in Dead Sea Mud have the ability to penetrate deep into skin layers, helping to improve blood circulation.  

Dead Sea Mud also naturally exfoliates the skin, drawing out toxins and improving elasticity.  Dead Sea Mud can improve facial skin, it has the unique ability, as a mask, to naturally soften and moisturize skin. It has also been shown to assist in alleviating inflammation from various skin conditions.  

Dead Sea Mud can be added to Rose Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Coconut Milk, Coconut, Olive or Almond Oil creating a mask catered to your specific needs.

So yes…you should put mud on your face, Dead Sea Mud that is, to experience many nourishing benefits. mVua’s Vivify Cleansing Facial Mask contains Dead Sea Mud, this wonderful natural gem.  Check back soon on our Product page for availability.    

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What’s In A Bubble…

Are bubbles a good indication of a cleansers cleansing power?  Though many know that the true answer to that question is no, it’s still not easy to grasp the fact that cleansers that have very minimal to no bubbles at all, frequently cleanse better than cleansers producing tremendous suds or bubbles. In addition, cleansers containing tremendous suds or bubbles contain harsh chemicals. These added agents or detergents actually have very little to no cleansing properties, they are added simply to produce bubbles. The detergents strip the skin of its natural oils due to their harshness.  

Unfortunately, since most cleansers contain these harsh detergents, and have been commonly used by the general public for such a long time, most individuals equate the squeaky feeling obtained after using cleansers containing these harsh detergents, to the feeling of clean. Squeaky skin and hair does not signify clean, it actually signifies that your skin or hair has been stripped of needed moisture unnecessarily.

There are many jewels of nature that provide thorough cleansing while leaving hair and skin with proper moisture balance. Soapwort Root, Kaolin Clay, Rhassoul Clay and Natural Soaps such as Pure Castile Soap are some examples of items that have little to no suds production but have the ability to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and even nourish skin and hair.

So…What’s Really In A Bubble? When it comes to cleansing our skin and hair, not much benefit is offered at all.

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