About Us

mVua began as a search for something better, but has turned into a journey of so much more. From a very young age, I’ve always had the desire (and have enjoyed) mixing and formulating concoctions, no matter how “strange” the concoction may have seemed.   Little did I know that this desire would one day turn into a passion with limitless bounds.

In August of 2009, I discovered that I had a hormonal imbalance, something that quite a few women experience. One of the side effects of a hormonal imbalance, is loss of hair due to hair that is no longer healthy. Once the hormonal imbalance was identified and corrected, I noticed that my hair still had not returned to the healthy state that I had once experienced, at the time I was chemically relaxing (permanently altering my curl pattern) and coloring my hair on a regular basis. It finally hit me that in order for my hair to “heal”, it would be necessary for me to nourish my hair and allow the healing process to take place over time. I made the decision to give my hair one full year of TLC, no chemicals and no heat. This decision prompted me to begin researching what products were most nourishing to obtain and maintain healthy hair. Up until this point, it really wasn’t my concern, I simply trusted that my stylist used what was best for my hair, since hair care was her profession.  In my search for what would be best in providing nourishment, I discovered that most of the hair care items that were readily available to me on the shelves in the local beauty and retail stores were actually bad for the health of my hair.  I also discovered that the same stands true with respects to what is readily available in local retail stores for skin care.  This discovery, in turn, caused me to wonder…so what should I be using to obtain the nourishment needed for healthy hair and skin?  That was my introduction to the gems of nature, providing the means to acquire Nature’s Moisture.

mVua provides products for hair and skin that loves moisture…Quenching Your Body’s Thirst. I personally don’t believe that there is one perfect product for every individual because that is what we all are…individuals. However, I have made it my quest, to provide not only the best, but the best of the best, using nature as my core, to formulate moisture rich products. Certified Organic Coconut Milk has become a staple in my products due to its amazing moisturizing abilities for skin and hair. Unrefined East African Shea Butter (amazingly creamy, with a very faint scent) is used for a majority of my hair care products. Certified Organic Virgin Oil Crème de Coco is mVua’s coconut oil of choice. This is the highest grade of extra virgin coconut oil available. This grade of oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk, not from dried coconut fruit (as is the case for most extra virgin coconut oil that is on the market).  mVua offers many jewels of nature, be it Royal Jelly, Silk, Aloe, Orchid, or any of the many other wonderful ingredients, it is my hope that you will experience as much joy and satisfaction in using mVua, as I have experienced in the formulation of products that I view as gems of nature.


Diana, Founder/Owner