Healthy Smooth Skin…Tamanu Oil…


What is so great about this particular oil?  Turns out, there are many great, skin loving properties contained in this oil.  

Tamanu Oil has been shown to assist in resolving such skin conditions as acne, soothing the irritation of skin inflammation and assisting in protecting the skin from dangerous rays that come from the sun. Tamanu Oil also promotes healthy cell growth, causing better healing to more severe cases of scarring, and fiber appearance of sagging and wrinkles.  

Containing canophyllol and canophyllic acid, Tamanu Oil offers substantial antibacterial activity, lending to its proven ability to minimize the growth of bacteria on the skin. Having astringent qualities, Tamanu Oil can prove very beneficial to the skin care routine for most skin types, having a high capacity for absorption into the skin, leaving behind no greasy residue.  

These are just a few of the many qualities that can be experienced using Tamanu Oil. There are many more proven benefits provided by this jewel of nature.  Healthy, smooth skin can be obtained and maintained by adding products containing Tamanu Oil to your skincare routine.  This too is an ingredient found in mVua’s Body Silk body lotion. mVua…Quenching Your Body’s Thirst 💜

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Quinoa…Protein Rich Skincare…

Quinoa is known to be a very nutritious grain, containing many properties that lead to good health when consumed. Can Quinoa provide similar benefits to the skin when applied topically?

Hydrolyzed Quinoa, is the result of  a process that gives the ability for the protein (Quinoa) to provide enhanced penetration for the skin, when applied topically. Hydrolyzed Quinoa is known to be a complete protein, containing essential amino acids with the highest level of protein among grains including Cysteine, Cystine, Lysine, Methionine, Tryptophane and Tyrosine. This makeup greatly enhances its ability to assist in the repair, protection, and conditioning of the skin. It is also known to repair damage to skin and form a protective barrier, preventing environmental stress that could be damaging to the skin. Hydrolyed Quinoa also binds moisture, as it provides nutrients for the skin.

mVua’s Body Silk body lotion contains this jewel of nature. Moisture that nourishes the skin. Quenching Your Body’s Thirst 💜


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The Feel of Chamomile…

Chamomile, another jewel of nature. It is known to have anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It has been shown to assist in calming skin inflammation and soothing dryness. The antioxidants found in chamomile are known to assist in fighting free radicals, suppressing the signs of aging.

Chamomile has also been shown to be effective when used on itchy skin, be it bug bits or other skin conditions causing irritation. Anti-microbial properties assist in protecting the skin as it heals.

This skin loving ingredient is included in the host of natures jewels found in mVua’s Body Silk body lotion. Soothing, healing, protecting, purifying. mVua…Quenching Your Body’s Thirst 💜


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Kaolin Clay…

 Kaolin Clay is a versatile clay that has varying appearances and benefits. mVua’s Vivify Facial Cleansing Mask includes Yellow Kaolin Clay as one of its main ingredients.  

Kaolin Clay has cleansing and detoxifying properties, rejuvenating the skin. It has also been shown to improve blood circulation, assisting with healing of skin conditions.

Yellow Kaolin Clay is more exfoliating than other Kaolin Clays, adding to its blood circulation ability, but is still gentle enough for use by those with sensitive skin.

Experience skin that is smooth, rejuvenated and refreshed after applying a detoxifying, mineral full (mVua’s Vivify Cleansing Facial Mask also includes Dead Sea Mud), exfoliating, cleansing mask. The results of the cleansing mask can be enhanced by what item is added for mixing of the clay. Water, Rose Water, Olive Oil, or Almond Oil are all good suggestions depending on the type or condition of your skin.

Future posts will feature the additional ingredients contained in mVua’s Vivify Facial Cleansing Mask, and their benefits. Additional tips on how to use the mask will be featured as well. mVua…Quenching Your Body’s Thirst 💜

Skin…What Defines Moisture?

The basic definition of moisture is “a small quantity of liquid, especially water…condensed, diffused, enough liquid to moisten”. – definition provided by

Why is moisture so important to the health of our skin?  Our skin is the largest organ in our body, the makeup of our body consists mainly of water, that being the case, it stands to reason that a good amount of water, or moisture would be necessary in order to maintain the glow of healthy, soft, firm skin.

Not all skin types, however, are created equal.  That being said, it is important that close attention is shown to the specific needs of our particular skin type. Do I tend to have skin that is dry, oily, is my skin what is termed normal, simply needing a routine that will ensure continued balanced moisture?

The weather also plays a role in the type of moisturizer that would be best to use. Is it the Winter Season, requiring a more intense moisturizer that will not only nourish the skin, but will shield the skin from cold, harsh winds?  Is it the Summer Season, requiring a light moisturizer, something with a bit of a sheen, providing more protection from the sun due to beach or outdoor plans?

Cleansing, Exfoliating and Moisturizing skin properly all lends to the true definition of moisture for healthy skin.  Select cleansers that are mild, containing no harsh surfactants, that cleanse but do so without stripping the skin of its natural oils.  Exfoliating assists with the removal of dead skin, this does not need to be done daily, but should be a regular part of your skincare routine.

Dead Sea Salt and many different Clay Masks work very well in exfoliating while continuing to nourish the skin, due to the many skin loving minerals contained in Dead Sea Salts and Clay Masks, lending to skin that has a renewed appearance, that is deep cleansed, smooth and refreshed.  mVua…Quenching Your Body’s Thirst.


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Dead Sea Salt…Relief & Soothing

Skin inflammation is something that many experience.  Redness, dry, patchy, itchy, irritated skin.  Dead Sea Salt is known to…and is even recommended for treatment of such discomfort, as it has been proven to provide marked relief.  It’s mineral content has been shown to assist in strengthening skin tissue, eliminating toxins from the skin and improving blood circulation. Regular use of bath soaks with Dead Sea Salt have also been shown to improve chemical imbalances of the skin, balancing the natural ph of the skin.

mVua’s Serene Bath Soak has Dead Sea Salt as it’s main ingredient.  We have also included Chamomile Extract.  In addition to Chamomile’s reputation to provide a calming effect to inflammation of skin, it is also known to improve the health of the skin long term, as the skin is soothed and toned.  Both Dead Sea Salt and Chamomile Extract are beneficial to those having sensitive skin.

Experience the soothing, relaxing effect of mVua’s Serene Bath Soak, available in multiple scents such as Cherry Almond Creme, Freesia, Coconut Milk and Reminansce “Ivory Soap Type”.  Coming Soon, mVua’s Silken “Not Your Average” Body Wash.  A “Low Suds” effective cleanser.  Having selected Pure Castile Soap as our base ingredient, we have also included Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Nectar, Full Fat Coconut Milk and Chamomile for an amazing, moisturized, skin loving experience.  Stay Tuned…

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Smooth As Silk…Body Silk

Body Silk is not just the title of our body lotion, it actually lends to the definition of what the product delivers.  Our Body Silk contains an ultra fine silk which provides moisture balance, providing a silky, non-greasy slip.  The silk contained in our product has also been shown to retain the skins natural moisture preventing dryness.  Known to balance ph levels of the skin, the many amino acids contained in this ultra fine silk assists with the skins natural moisture process.

Soft, supple, touchable skin with a kiss of a sweet or refreshing scent.

Current scents of Body Silk to be experienced are Cherry Almond Creme, Freesia, Coconut Milk or our Unisex Resfeshing Ivory Soap “Type” scent.

mVua’s Body Silk will leave your skin feeling Smooth…Smooth As Silk.

What’s In a Nut?…Coconut That Is…


Coconut Milk is known to be one of the best moisturizers for healthy skin, replenishing dryness and damage.  The many beneficial fats, nutrients and minerals provide the ability to calm irritated skin.  Full fat coconut milk can be massaged directly into skin, used in a bath soak, or combined with other nourishing ingredients to provide soft, nourished, supple skin.  Coconut milk has been shown to soothe symptoms experienced by those dealing with topical inflammatory conditions, reducing redness, irritations and even sunburn discomfort.

mVua’s Body Silk combines Organic Full Fat Coconut Milk with many other jewels of nature to nourish skin.  Deep penetrating, non-greasy…in addition to having Organic Aloe Vera Juice as it’s base ingredient, mVua’s Body Silk will thank you for Quenching It’s Thirst.  In future posts, we will explore what other jewels of nature are contained in mVua’s Body Silk and how these jewels can benefit the health of your skin.

So…What’s In A Nut?…A Coconut.  Turns out, there are many moisturizing, antibacterial and soothing jewels underneath the shell of a coconut.  Use it from head to toe to experience all the moisture that it has to offer.

Moisture At It’s Best ~~~ Aloe Vera Juice

Does it Matter?  ~~~Aloe Vera Juice vs. Water~~~


Antioxidants, minerals, and skin loving vitamins, these are some of the gems that are found in Aloe Vera Juice.

mVua uses Organic Aloe Vera Juice as it’s base ingredient for our moisture rich body lotion, Body Silk.  Though lotions and creams that use water as their base ingredient are able to provide moisture, using Aloe Vera Juice instead of water as our base ingredient, the moisture in our Body Silk is enhanced, as the skin is fed on a continuous basis with the nourishing properties of Aloe Vera Juice, which stimulates cell growth and the healing of scars.

Why does that matter?

Aloe Vera Juice is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which works well for individuals dealing with side effects of dry skin inflammation.  The healing properties in Aloe Vera Juice assist with comforting skin inflammation, softening the appearance of scar tissue.  It is also known to improve the natural firmness of skin.

Water is no doubt a major, if not the major factor when it comes to obtaining and maintaining effective moisture, however, using Aloe Vera Juice instead of water as our base ingredient, tremendously enhances the moisture benefits experienced.