Rose H2O…

Rosewater has many beneficial properties that assist in nourishing and hydrating healthy skin.  In addition to helping to maintain proper PH balance for the skin, it also assists in controling excess oil.  Rosewater has antibacterial properties that assist in soothing inflammatory skin issues, and also the healing of scars as it helps to regenerate skin cells.

Rosewater is known to assist in treating aging skin by deterring lines and wrinkles due to its moisturizing properties.  Used as a toner Rosewater has been shown to tighten capillaries.  

Rosewater is a gentle jewel of nature that soothes and enhances the beauty of skin. mVua’s Facial Skin Care line will include this mild, skin loving, natural gem as one of its main components.  Check back soon on our Product page for availability. 

 mVua…Quenching Your Body’s Thirst 💜 

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