Smooth As Silk…Body Silk

Body Silk is not just the title of our body lotion, it actually lends to the definition of what the product delivers.  Our Body Silk contains an ultra fine silk which provides moisture balance, providing a silky, non-greasy slip.  The silk contained in our product has also been shown to retain the skins natural moisture preventing dryness.  Known to balance ph levels of the skin, the many amino acids contained in this ultra fine silk assists with the skins natural moisture process.

Soft, supple, touchable skin with a kiss of a sweet or refreshing scent.

Current scents of Body Silk to be experienced are Cherry Almond Creme, Freesia, Coconut Milk or our Unisex Resfeshing Ivory Soap “Type” scent.

mVua’s Body Silk will leave your skin feeling Smooth…Smooth As Silk.

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