Dead Sea Salt…Relief & Soothing

Skin inflammation is something that many experience.  Redness, dry, patchy, itchy, irritated skin.  Dead Sea Salt is known to…and is even recommended for treatment of such discomfort, as it has been proven to provide marked relief.  It’s mineral content has been shown to assist in strengthening skin tissue, eliminating toxins from the skin and improving blood circulation. Regular use of bath soaks with Dead Sea Salt have also been shown to improve chemical imbalances of the skin, balancing the natural ph of the skin.

mVua’s Serene Bath Soak has Dead Sea Salt as it’s main ingredient.  We have also included Chamomile Extract.  In addition to Chamomile’s reputation to provide a calming effect to inflammation of skin, it is also known to improve the health of the skin long term, as the skin is soothed and toned.  Both Dead Sea Salt and Chamomile Extract are beneficial to those having sensitive skin.

Experience the soothing, relaxing effect of mVua’s Serene Bath Soak, available in multiple scents such as Cherry Almond Creme, Freesia, Coconut Milk and Reminansce “Ivory Soap Type”.  Coming Soon, mVua’s Silken “Not Your Average” Body Wash.  A “Low Suds” effective cleanser.  Having selected Pure Castile Soap as our base ingredient, we have also included Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Nectar, Full Fat Coconut Milk and Chamomile for an amazing, moisturized, skin loving experience.  Stay Tuned…

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