I love mVua’s Body Silk because it is non-sticky, smells good enough to eat, light and effective!!! – Amanda
As a person who’s suffered with mild to moderate eczema and an allergic reaction to sun exposure, I knew from the first purchase my skin liked and responded well to this product. It left my skin smooth and moisturized all day without an oily or heavy feel. It was only when I temporarily ran out and used first a prescription lotion, then an OTC lotion specifically formulated for my skin conditions, did I realize just how exceptional the mVua Body Silk product is! 

I had to reapply the other lotions throughout the day to retain moisture and the white splotches became more prominent and spread over greater areas with the other products. mVua’s Body Silk was better for and with my skin, AND less expensive than the so-called specialty lotions! – Jacquie

I have used the mVua’s Body Silk body lotion for my wintertime dry hands. It is truly a carefully created and well balanced product by the hands of an artificer who knows what she is doing. The product leaves my hands supple yet not greasy.
I have recommended the product to several persons that have dry skin condition and they have given me positive feedback. If there was a star category I would give it top five stars!!! Gigi