What’s In A Bubble…

Are bubbles a good indication of a cleansers cleansing power?  Though many know that the true answer to that question is no, it’s still not easy to grasp the fact that cleansers that have very minimal to no bubbles at all, frequently cleanse better than cleansers producing tremendous suds or bubbles. In addition, cleansers containing tremendous suds or bubbles contain harsh chemicals. These added agents or detergents actually have very little to no cleansing properties, they are added simply to produce bubbles. The detergents strip the skin of its natural oils due to their harshness.  

Unfortunately, since most cleansers contain these harsh detergents, and have been commonly used by the general public for such a long time, most individuals equate the squeaky feeling obtained after using cleansers containing these harsh detergents, to the feeling of clean. Squeaky skin and hair does not signify clean, it actually signifies that your skin or hair has been stripped of needed moisture unnecessarily.

There are many jewels of nature that provide thorough cleansing while leaving hair and skin with proper moisture balance. Soapwort Root, Kaolin Clay, Rhassoul Clay and Natural Soaps such as Pure Castile Soap are some examples of items that have little to no suds production but have the ability to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and even nourish skin and hair.

So…What’s Really In A Bubble? When it comes to cleansing our skin and hair, not much benefit is offered at all.

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