Handcrafted Skin & Hair Care Products

Using Nature as our Core, mVua provides Hydration and Nourishment Like No Other.

Moisture and Soothing for Skin, Hair & Scalp, with Refreshing, Mild Scents.

No Fillers, High Quality, Effective Ingredients that Feed the Skin and Hair.

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt is used a many of our Bloom Personal Body Care Products for a reason. It contains amazing rich minerals, which assists with exfoliation of dead skin, calms inflammation, allergy or dermatitis flare-up and helps in maintaining soft, conditioned skin.

Our Silken Whipped Spa Body Cleanse has Dead Sea Salt that is dissolved and is worked into the skin with the other rich skin loving ingredients. Providing a true Spa experience for your skin.

Our Glycerin Bar Soap has fine granules of Dead Sea Salt that can be worked into the skin and aids in mild exfoliation.

Our Doff Sea Salt Scrub has more intense exfoliating abilities than sugar scrubs. It provides incredible therapeutic benefits which are absorbed through the skin.

What's...In a Bubble?

Is the presence of bubbles...a good determination of a cleansers, cleaning ability? Though many know that the answer to that question is no, it's not easy to grasp the fact that cleansers that have minimal bubbles/suds, frequently cleanse better...than cleansers producing tremendous suds or bubbles.

There are many Jewels of Nature that provide thorough cleansing while leaving hair and skin with proper moisture balance. Squeaky skin and hair does not signify clean, it actually signifies that your skin and hair has been stripped of moisture, unnecessarily. #KnowYourProducts

Another...Foot Balm???

Proper foot care can be a challenge. Due to some serious health ailments, it can also be crucial to good health. Some weather seasons are more harsh on our feet than others, some careers and working environments can be harsh on feet as well.

Most foot balms contain an amazing amount of fillers, ingredients meant to coat/cover the skin. Initially, this can seem to be a good thing, but balms having little to no substance, when it comes to nourishing and adding moisture to the skin, it adds zero value to the health/refreshing of the skin.

mVua's Sweet Feetz&Toez Foot Balm is a Rich Foot Balm but intentionally lightweight, so that the ingredients can penetrate into and treat the skin. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Spearmint Oil, Silk, Full Fat Coconut Milk and so much more, when used on a regular basis, feet will begin to noticeably soften and heal.

Silk Milk Hair Care Line

Moisture Like No Other

mVua provides moisture that soothes, nourishes and refreshes your skin, hair and scalp. Our ingredients are raw...minimally processed, to provide superb benefits and results.

Love this hair oil! This oil both hydrates and moisturizes with its mix of ingredients. I use it to keep my hair healthy while wearing protective styles and even as a treatment during my wash. What's amazing is that my usually fragile strands have become thicker and stronger from using this product. The scent is sooo amazing too! You'll be hooked!

Indulgence - Nourishing Hair Oil

LaWanda H.

Wow! Stock up on this one Ladies! I'm stunned by the effectiveness of this product! This bar is customized with fine gentle Dead Sea granules that gently deep clean your delicate parts with no residue...melts into your skin, no grittiness left at all. I love the ridges...it's like this bar was designed for it's purpose. Unlike other cleansers I've used for your lady parts, this one caused no irritation and I felt fresh all day long. This is a game changer and my new personal product. By day 1, I noticed a difference. I'm in love!

Bloom - Glycerin Bar Soap


Very Impressive! I've used another brand for years but I think I just found my new favorite. The scent is refreshing and the consistency was perfect. Creamy and ultra hydrating! It's definitely a must have!

SheaNut Butter&Jelly


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