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Why Clients Love Us

LaWanda H.
Superb moisturizer Love this hair oil! This oil both hydrates and moisturizes with its mix of ingredients. I use it to keep my hair healthy while wearing protective styles and even as a hair treatment during my wash. What’s amazing is that my usually fragile strands have become stronger and thicker from using this product. The scent is sooo amazing too! You’ll be hooked! Product name: Indulgence - Nourishing Hair Oil
I’m typically not a low suds shampoo person, but I like MVua’s liquid clarifying shampoo. There’s enough suds with peppermint and tea tree to gently cleanse and refresh my locs. I am on my 6th or 7th bottle and definitely continue to purchase. Product name: Liquid Clarifying Cleanser for Locs, Braids and Twists
Yes Yes Yes! I love love this lightweight but highly moisturizing body oil. The shimmer is a natural glow perfectly tinted for my complexion. My husband could not stop admiring my skin! This is a must have for your glow up! Product Name: Bloom - Svelte Shimmering Body Oil
O. Blake
Being Diabetic, my hands and feet get dry very fast, even after putting on lotion. I have been using this Body Silk Skin Conditioner (for men) for a while now and it helps keep my hands and feet hydrated longer. It smells great and I love that it's not sticky or pasty, but leaves a smooth finish. Product Name: Body Silk for Men - Skin Conditioner
Sonya H.
Amazing. This product does exactly what it says. You will not be disappointed. Product Name: Bloom - Sweet Spot Deodorant
T. Cherry
The product is awesome! First impression is the smell that is wonderful. The salt is coarse, but it leaves your skin moisturized. Product Name: Bloom - Doff Sea Salt Scrub
T. Shackelford
It's real good! Product Name: Suave Nourishing Beard & Hair Oil for Him